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Best Football Club in the World - Real Madrid FC

Best Football Club in the World - Real Madrid FC
Best Football Club in the World - Real Madrid FC

Real Madrid Club de Futbol is a Spanish football club which is the most successful team in the world in the 20th century according to the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, followed by AC Milan in the second position.

Founded on March 6, 1902, Madrid play in the Spanish League First Division, also known as the Primera División.

Since the competition began in 1928, Madrid has never been degraded to a lower division.

The club was originally named Madrid Club de
Futbol, ​​but were allowed to use the title Real after King Alfonso XIII of Spain gave official permission to the club in June 1920.

Madrid play in white-and-white costumes, so nicknamed Los Merengues (white team). Cage at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium with a capacity of 80,354 spectators.

Since the last few years, Madrid is known as a team that likes to buy top players of the world, and therefore given a new nickname of Los Galacticos (team galactic). But ironically, despite the star-studded players, the club is always reap a bad achievement reached by the failure of any title in the year 2008-2010.

Even since the last time Real Madrid won the Champions League in the 2001-02 season, the club is always achieve poor results with only reached 16 before finally reaching the semi-finals 2010-11 season.


For over a century of Real Madrid was not just building a tradition as a giant with many titles and records, but contribute to the development of Spanish football, European, and world.

Real Madrid might be the club with the longest history. They are not only laden achievement, but many gave birth to innovation, and the foundation stone of the European football industry.

FIFA is not wrong if placing it as the most successful clubs throughout the 20th century, with 31 Spanish Primera Liga titles, 16 Spanish Cups, nine Cup and Champions League titles and two UEFA Cup trophy. Madrid is a founding member of FIFA, the founder of G-14 - an organization of leading European clubs are now exchange its name to the European Club Association.

For over a century of Real Madrid is known by two other names; Los Merengues and Los Blancos. But both were missing in that title, when in 1980 a journalist Julio César Iglesias popularized the name La Quinta del Buitre. Then in the leadership Florentinao Perez (2000-2006), Real Madrid is known as Los Galacticos.

La Quinta del Buitre Emilio Butragueno refers to a figure that appears is like a vulture, and four colleagues who supported her; Miguel Pardeza, Manuel Sanchiz Hontiyuelo, Michel, and Martin Vasquez.

The name is still used despite Pardeza leave the club, and strengthening the Real Zaragoza in 1986. The early 1990s, this nickname disappeared simultaneously with the departure of Butragueno, Michel, and Martin Vasaquez.

Los Galacticos epithet refers to the stars, which carried off during the regime of Florentino Perez; Luis Figo, Roberto Carlos, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo, David Beckham, as well as a local star Raul Gonzalez.

For all that, Perez's daring act controversial; one of them bringing Figo from Barcelona - his eternal rival - the highest price. Not long after Madrid's Figo cut the record's most expensive player, while bringing Zidane from Juventus.
David Beckham brought to boost merchandise sales, and boost the brand name of Real Madrid. Until now, the era of Los Galasticos still being debated; successful or not.

To be sure, before Beckham came, Galacticos can still win a domestic title and Champions League trophies. After that for three seasons Madrid did not win anything.

A brief history

Before 1897, the population of Madrid do not know football. This sport was introduced a number of professors and students Institución Libre de Enseñanza, by establishing Football Club Sky in 1897, who played on Sunday mornings at Moncloa.

The club split into two in 1900; New Foot-Ball de Madrid and Club Español de Madrid. Two years later the Club Español de Madrid split again, and has resulted in the formation of Madrid Football Club on March 6, 1902.

After three years of existence, Madrid FC won its first title by beating Athletic Bilbo in the Spanish Cup final. The club is also the founder of the Spanish Football Association on January 4, 1909. It was led by Adolfo Meléndez club.

In 1920, the club changed its name to Real Madrid. King Alfonso is the name Real, or Royal, to the club. Nine years later the first Spanish football league was established.

White earned his first Spanish Primera Liga in 1931, following years to reach again, and became the first club twice won successive league titles.
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